Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's been over 2 months since I've last blogged. That sounds like the beginning of a confessional - but the truth is, I've felt guilty about my neglect. Every time I've sat down to write I've felt rushed, uninspired or just plain tired. You deserve more than that! The last 2 months have been a bit of a whirlwind, marked by highs and lows and filled with surprises.

In the beginning of June, Ty and I went to Chicago with Ty's company. I stayed at my parent's place with Everett and hung out with my mom, dad, my sister Allison and my niece and nephew, Trent and Whitney. I was lucky enough to take the train into downtown Chicago and spend the night with Ty while my parents watched Everett. That evening alone deserves it's own blog - our first night without Ev! We visited the House of Blues and bar hopped along the Chicago River. So fun!

On June 26th my family lost a beloved member: a cherished father, husband, brother, uncle and friend. My Uncle Jim passed away surrounded by family and embraced by his faith. He was taken too soon. Our family was fortunate to be able to remember Uncle Jim and celebrate his life together at my Aunt's home in Southern California. I still haven't quite wrapped my head around this loss and what it means to our tight-knit family. I was once again reminded of the uncertainty of life and all of the incredible people I've been blessed to be connected to.

Shortly after returning from California, my best and oldest friend, Jennie came to visit Calgary. We had a blast riding bikes around the city, visiting the mountains and taking in the sights and tastes of the Calgary Stampede. What did I do to deserve a friend so great? The last 2 times we had been together were our weddings - we were eager to reconnect and have some downtime to laugh and hang out without the stress of impending vows!

My mom and my 4 1/2 year old niece Whitney came for a visit the following week. Having Whitney in the house was tons of fun and made me feel excited for the day that we add another child to our family. We visited Heritage Park, Riley Park, had a BBQ with family and searched for souvenirs!

We were invited to our friends Josh and Tasha's family home in Panorama, BC for the August long weekend. It was gorgeous!! The house was amazing, right on the shores of Toby Creek, which was really more like a rushing river. We spent mornings drinking coffee and hanging on the porch while Everett and his friends Kingston and Hudson played. We visited the local pools, went to a petting zoo and sat around the fire. It was so refreshing to get out of the city and have some fun with friends.

Throughout all of this I have been building a business with my friend Amanda. Kindred, our company, will offer couples workshops for expecting parents. We are excited to begin this journey together! Also,  my agency asked me to run my Equine Facilitated Wellness program again - dream come true!

I'm looking forward to September as a time to re-focus and re-energize (read: blog more!). See you soon!

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