Friday, February 21, 2014

A San Diego Baby Shower

Everett and I were lucky enough to make a trip down to San Diego last weekend to celebrate Vanessa's baby shower. When I say that I needed this, it's an understatement. I miss these girls so much! There is nothing sweeter than seeing the people I love most in the world snuggling and playing with my baby boy. The weather in San Diego didn't hurt, either. Everett and I said goodbye to -25 temperatures and relished the 24 degree sunshine (sorry American friends, I'm trying hard to understand Celsius, and full immersion is the only way!). I am still mad at myself for my horrible packing job. No shorts and ONE tank top! What was I thinking!? Everett enjoyed going barefoot and loved trying his first (morsel of) In 'N Out burger! Vanessa's shower was gorgeous. It was held at the Brigantine in Point Loma, amidst marinas and sailboats. Of course, in true Vanessa form, she struggled to relinquish control and ended up doing all of the thematic planning herself! The theme was 'Ahoy! It's a boy!' and Vanessa was aptly spoiled. Carly and I threw back 'Baby Buoys' (mimosa's) and Everett dug into his first crab cake. We gathered close as Vanessa opened her gifts. Everett went nuts with the tissue and wrapping paper. In true visiting-your-best-friend fashion, the best moments were spent barefoot on the couch telling stories and busting each others chops. It went by fast. Way too fast. As quickly as we arrived, Everett and I said our tearful goodbyes - making a point to cement future plans, thus making the goodbye much more bearable. As I was leaving Vanessa noted 'the next time you see me, I'll be a mom.' Cue tears. Aside from sadness, when I say goodbye to my closest friends I feel pride. I am proud of the relationships we've built. I'm proud of the commitments we've made to remain in each others lives and to be there to celebrate life's greatest moments and rush to be there for our inevitable lower points. I feel a calm in the farewells, knowing that really, it's only just 'until next time'...

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