Friday, February 28, 2014

Everett Turns One!

My sweet little boy is 1 today. I only cried about 3 times yesterday. Okay, maybe 4. Or 7. I've said this before, but becoming a mother has made me so incredibly conscious and sensitive to time. I cannot believe a year has passed. Everyone told me, and it is true: the first year flies by. In a sense it feels like just yesterday I was laying in my bed staring at the perfect features of my newborn son. In another sense, I don't remember life without could I have only known him a year? I love him more than anything. He is so precious, and hilarious. I have loved every second of watching him grow and learn. Even when we weren't getting a wink of sleep. I swear! It really goes without saying, but I have to say that every second of pain and frustration has been absolutely worth it.
Everett and I have had a really slow and lazy week. Plans got changed or cancelled for whatever reason and we ended up spending a lot of time playing on the floor at home and just hanging out. I had a lot of time to reflect this week and the theme that resounds in all of my thoughts is gratefulness. I am grateful that Everett is happy and healthy. I am grateful for our loving and sportive families. Most of all, I am so grateful for Ty.
There is absolutely no way I could've weathered the last 12 months of my life without Ty. My husband is amazing. He has surpassed all of my dreams in terms of the type of husband and father that he is. When I was pregnant Ty, like most guys, I assume, didn't seem overly excited about impending fatherhood. Being pregnant, I spent every day thinking about being a mom and the type of parent I wanted to be. I felt connected and already totally responsible for this little life growing inside of me. I think for dads that it is different. The day Everett was born was the day that Ty became a father. He came alive. I had never seen him so exuberant and so brimming with joy. He must have gone up and down our stairs a hundred times those first few days, filling my water glass, heating up food. He took such good care of both Everett and I, never missing an opportunity to share how proud he was of me and how proud he was to be Everett's dad. As the months pass I've not only fallen more in love every day with Everett, but I've fallen more in love with Ty.
Everett's birthday is not only a celebration of a great milestone, but a celebration of the family that we've become. Happy Birthday, Everett! We love you!


  1. It is crazy how time flies. Rylan turned one lady Monday and it still seems unbelievable that the year went by so fast.
    Happy birthday to Everett

  2. We love your little family!! We are so proud of the parents you and Ty are. Evvie, you are one lucky little boy!! Happy Birthday, Everett! We can't wait to see you at 2.

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet little man! And Congrats to you!


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