Friday, February 7, 2014

Green Products I Can No Longer Live WIthout

For the longest time I was stuck in a cycle. I would use half of a container of a new fill-in-the-blank household cleaner, decide I didn't like the smell, or it didn't work, discard it and buy a new one. My choice was always based on attractive packaging and flashy claims. Now that we've narrowed the parameters in which we make consumer decisions, we've found products that we happily purchase over and over again. I'm so happy with both of these products that I just have to share! 

The first is Cinderella's Organic Housekeeping. This stuff is so great! The initial draw to this great all-purpose cleaner is the fantastic packaging. I love that the spray bottle and bottle of concentrate are glass. How many times have I purchased a certain name-brand glass cleaner only to have the spray nozzle break halfway through the life of the cleaner? TOO MANY TIMES!! This spray bottle has lasted over 2 years and continues to spray a strong, perfect mist on everything I clean. I also love the option to purchase a bottle of concentrate which will make 8 spray bottles. Our local natural food store offers a bottle exchange as well. There are only 8 ingredients, mainly natural oils, essential oils and water - and you can pronounce all of them! This stuff is safe enough to ingest, although I wouldn't suggest it. Most importantly, I feel comfortable using this spray on absolutely everything, including Everett's toys and play surfaces. It smells subtly delicious and cleans any surface. Cinderella's Organic Housekeeping is a small Canadian company from Nelson, BC. Read more about them here: 

My next rave is for Claudia's Choices laundry detergent. Claudia's Choices is a local, family owned company dedicated to providing families with safe alternatives in household and baby care. This detergent is phosphate free (y'know, that nasty stuff that's been causing major damage for our valuable natural water sources?), perfume free, hypoallergenic and free of dyes and fillers. Best of all, Claudia's Choices is safe for cloth diapers. This stuff seemingly lasts forever. We buy a new tub about every 3-4 months and return it to Green Calgary and receive $2 off of our next purchase. So cool. For more information check out Claudia's website: 


  1. Erin! do they test on animals or use animal bi products?

  2. Hello! Claudia's Choices do not test their products on animals nor do they use animal byproducts. When I first purchased Cinderella's Organic Housekeeping spray, the company representative informed me that their product was not tested on animals. Their website does not mention it, so I sent them an email to confirm. I'll let you know when I hear back!


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