Monday, February 3, 2014

Neighbourhood Love

Have I mentioned that I LOVE our neighbourhood? Well I do. I love it. Everything about it. First of all, we can walk just about anywhere. This comes in handy on days when Everett and I feel cooped up and stir crazy. Days like that are often in Calgary as we frequently experience weeks on end of freezing temperatures and mounds and mounds of snow. We love walking to the park, the coffee shop, the grocery store, the library, the downtown core, the quaint shops of Kensington and the Bow River. Some days it feels that from our neighbourhood we could walk just about anywhere! Ty and I decided to brave the cold on Saturday and walk to eat at one of our favourite local restaurants, Dairy Lane. We bundled Everett in the Burley and walked 6 blocks in the winter twilight. It was beautiful. It was worth the numb faces and frozen fingers. 
We love Dairy Lane for many different reasons. We love how close it is to us. We love that they are local and independently owned. We also love that they support local companies, many of which offer organic and conscientiously raised produce and meat. We love that we can bring Everett, any time of the day. We love that we can enjoy beer and wine, local pop and lemonade and the most delicious milkshakes...any time of the day. We love the staff - everyone is friendly and welcoming. It's one of those restaurants that just feels good, know what I mean? We also love that Dairy Lane participates in the Mealshare program and that for every Mealshare item purchased off the menu, a family in need is provided with a meal. How cool is that? And how cool is it to have a gem of a restaurant like this just steps from my door? Pretty cool. 


  1. Sounds great! Can you recommend a particular dish?

  2. Hi Lindsey! Yes, the Eggs Benedict with back bacon and grilled tomato is delicious! Also, you can never go wrong with one of their milkshakes! To die for!


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