Wednesday, February 19, 2014

La Leche League

Ah, breastfeeding. I never thought something that looked so natural and serene would turn out to be so difficult and intimidating for me. I'll share details when I complete 'My Breastfeeding Story' (you didn't think that Everett's Birth Story would be the only TMI post did you? You did? Sorry!!).
I knew about all of the support available for new mom's learning to breastfeed - I just wish I had been brave enough to reach out. As you may know by now, I believe strongly in the power of sharing. I honestly believe that the world would be a better place if we shared more. If only for the hope that maybe so many of us wouldn't feel alone in our individual struggles. So, when my friend Morgan invited me to attend a meeting of our local La Leche Leage chapter last week, I eagerly accepted. I was so curious about these meetings. I had no clue what they would look like, what they would feel like and how they could help me. After all, my baby is almost a year old. What questions could I possibly have?
Turns out...quite a few. And, it turned out that I was able to answer some questions as well!
For those of you who are wondering, La Leche League is an organization dedicated to offering breastfeeding support, mother-to-mother. La Leche League meetings are offered according to the age of your child. Morgan and I attended the 'toddler and preschooler' meeting. There are also meetings available for pregnant women and newborns.
The La Leche League meeting was held in the home of Susan, the local LLL leader. That's a lot of L's! Susan's home was warm and welcoming. We were greeted upon entry by several smiling moms and babies of various ages and quickly given some logistical information: agenda, location of bathroom, diaper changes, toys, etc. Morgan and I quickly made ourselves and our little ones at home.
Susan began the meeting by asking us all to introduce ourselves and to share how we felt breastfeeding affected our parenting. It was interesting hearing the other moms answer this question. As I listened to the women share how powerful and confident they felt in their decision to breastfeed, I reflected upon the impact nursing has had in my own experience as a mom over the last 12 months. I realized that because of breastfeeding I am much more able to tap into the intuitive realm of parenting that is necessary to access when making decisions for Everett. Because of breastfeeding, before I even felt like a mom, I was a mom. If that makes any sense. As we went around and shared, we also were encouraged to add questions or topics to the agenda for the day.
I read books about breastfeeding, watched videos, talked to friends and even attended a breastfeeding course - but I still learned SO much about nursing during the meeting. Did you know that after about 12 months a mother's milk supply is so established that she could take a month break from nursing and still have milk?? I loved hearing that! How amazing women's bodies are! How amazing the bond we have with our children! I also loved that it quieted the voice in my head that sometimes worried about my supply. We discussed nursing in public, family member support, weaning, nighttime routines and skin-to-skin contact. The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly, open and humorous. I left feeling supported, and as though I was able to offer support as well. Everett loved exploring a new place and playing with other children. It was a great way to spend a morning.
Since the meeting I have contacted Susan with a concern regarding my milk supply after a recent illness. She responded asking me to call her on her home phone line. LLL leaders are committed to assisting women, and they truly love the work they do. The intimate and personalized support offered to women through La Leche League is a beautiful thing. I don't know why it took me so long to access this wonderful resource, but I am so glad I finally did!
For more information on LLL, check out their website:


  1. I love this! I went to LLL meetings when I was nursing Jonas and it was a wonderful support, and a great place to go even when I didn't have any issues at the time. Sadly Jonas self weaned at 15 months, which made me sad sad SAD.

    BTW, hey, Erin! It's Holly :) Ashley shared with my your blog link!

  2. Hi Holly! Thanks so much for commenting! I'm already dreading the day we wean! Hopefully not any day soon! Jonas is adorable - I've been reading your blog and I love it. I'm sad I don't still live in WC - I feel like we have a lot in common with our parenting decisions and it would be great to hang out!!! Hope all is well!


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