Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tried and True! Subzero Edition

When October rolls around I find myself looking forward to winter. I love the snow, and it's always fun to change up the old wardrobe. However, once February hits I'm done. DONE. Ready for a break from the -26 degree stretches we sometimes endure here in Calgary. This type of stir-crazy is amplified now that I have a little guy to entertain. Ev and I love to get out and explore the neighbourhood. When weather permits, the only time we spend indoors is nap time! We're experiencing a bit of a cold stretch here lately and I'm so thankful for the things that bring Everett hours of entertainment and the things that keep us warm when we finally get a chance to venture out. Here are a few of those things:

1) Hape Pound & Tap Bench. This was a gift from Everett's Auntie Al. He is loving this lately. When we got back from San Diego he made a bee-line to this toy and has been playing with it nonstop ever since. I love that the xylophone is removable!
2) Janod Toolbox Trolley. Another gift! This one was from Ev's Uncle Thom and Auntie Stacey. I love that this toy has multiple uses. You should see the grin on Everett's face when he pushes this around the house. Adorable.
3) Padraig Cottage booties. My friend Kaela sent these from Vancouver for Everett's shower, before we even knew he was a boy! He wears these every single day! They are warm, soft, easy to get on and impossible for him to remove!
4) Burley D'Lite. In my opinion this is a must-have in Calgary. I love that on cold, snowy days I can bundle Ev up and seal him into the warm cocoon of this bike trailer/stroller. I just purchased the stroller wheel accessory and it makes it much more compact. Another plus is that Junior loves to take rides in this as well!
5) Tobbles Neo. This toy is just as fun for parents as it is for kids. The weighted 'eggs' are stackable in many different formations and are fun to roll and tap together. Everett has just figured out how to stack and this toy has been a great challenge for him.
6) Oxo Tot Flippy Cup. I love filling this with tiny snacks to occupy Ev while we're out running errands. And it's super cute!
7) Indestructibles. These books are impossible for babies to destroy. Everett is loving paper right now - I know, so random, but he'll do anything to get his hands on a magazine, paper bag or a stray receipt. I'm embarrassed to share how much paper he's ingested in the last few weeks. This book gives him the same thrill of crinkling and chewing on paper without driving me crazy!

What are you cold-weather moms doing to combat the cabin fever? I'd love to hear!


  1. Bennett and I spend hours chasing trucks and his collection of balls (soccer, basket ball and football) up and down the hall. Seems so simple but he thinks it so funny tossing them and watching them bounce off the walls. Then chasing them again. We also got the V-tec train set which you can change the pattern of the track which we do daily. He loves watching it travel around the track and turning the wheel of the bridge. Erin, we need a playdate soon.

  2. Love to see what our little baby boy loves!

  3. Your train sounds like so much fun, Lindsay! We'll definitely have to plan a play date soon! Hope you're enjoying the sun!


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